Pamulang University at Pamulang Tangerang Selatan

Pamulang university is one of the private universities in the area south Pamulang Tangerang Banten, untiversitas is under the auspices of the foundation Sasmita.

Being in the center of the hustle Pamulang make this campus an alternative choice for seekers of the university as a place to gain knowledge, in addition to easy access. This position is also traversed campus transportation 24 hours. Sasmita foundation while also promising low cost of education so that it can reach all levels of society.

Vision and Mission


Making Pamulang University as a leading Private Colleges., Modern and independently to develop Trdharma universities to produce graduates with the professional development of pioneering, innovative, and productive which is based on faith and piety to God Almighty, in order to support national development.


     1. Creating Bachelor noble and devoted to God Almighty
     2. Realizing Degree can create jobs (self-) professional, competitive and gain formal recognition
     3. Realize the hopes and ideals of National Education a comprehensive and integrated
     4. Develop knowledge, attitudes and skills and enable further study to a higher level

Location :
Jl. Surya Kencana No.1 Pamulang-Tangerang Selatan.Banten
Phone, (021) 7412566
site :

Pamulang University on the google map :

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